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Iowa Painters Insurance: Necessary to Protect Your Business Assets

Accidents happen, and once they do, someone usually finishes paying for the damage and injuries. That is why painting contractors require liability insurance to safeguard them in the event that something goes wrong on the project site or at the contractor’s place of business. When an accident occurs, and losses must be paid, the coverage might be the difference between a firm keeping in business or going out of business.

Painting contractors should get standard commercial liability insurance to protect their assets. This insurance covers the firm in the event of damage or harm caused by an employee’s actions. The expense of handling the claim, including the cost of defending a lawsuit, is usually covered by the insurance policy, which also pays for damages up to the amount of coverage obtained.

Any damages in excess of the coverage amount are usually the responsibility of the firm, even if the owner needs to sell the company to get the funds.

Responsibility for Employees

As an employee, you tend to take risks more seriously since your employer’s money is invested in you. While you may listen and be cautious of the advice others give, following directions too closely might be your downfall, particularly when something unexpected happens.

Employees who drive business vehicles, for example, pose a danger to the firm if they are involved in a traffic accident. General liability coverage doesn’t usually protect a business owner in this situation. Painting contractors, on the other hand, might get supplementary liability coverage, such as a business automobile policy, to cover accidents or injuries that take place while an employee is driving a company vehicle.

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What coverages do painting contractors need?

You may require additional painters’ insurance plans in addition to those listed here, depending on the amount and type of painting you are undertaking. Most painting contractors will then buy the following four insurance policies:

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Commercial General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance covers your business or you if someone sues your company or a member of your staff as a result of potential negligence. 

There are two general liability claims: bodily injury and property damage. Some businesses opt out of General Liability Insurance because they haven’t had any issues with it before. 

However, not many things happen to small businesses until they do! So, if something happens – like an accident involving one of your workers or customers – working without insurance can be financially devastating for your business and has the power to bankrupt you in one fell swoop if you don’t have your bases covered.

  • Damage to other people’s properties
  • Bodily injuries and deaths
  • Advertising and personal injury

Commercial Property Insurance

Business property insurance helps protect your commercial property in an accident. 

This insurance is supposed to cover the loss or damage of your business building, its contents, and any other insured property covered under the policy from loss or damage from specific hazards when caused by any one occurrence:

  • Other people’s properties
  • Business personal property & equipment
  • Landscaping
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Building or structure

Painters’ professional Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is required by Iowa law. Still, owners of Iowa painting companies are required to provide their employees full workers’ compensation, no matter the circumstances. 

In cases like these, you may assume that your business is not only caring for its workers and families but also being proactive in avoiding accidents. 

Your employees could be hurt on the job site, so it is fair if you reassure your workers about knowing that if any accident should happen at work for whatever reason, they and their families are provided with financial security. 

One benefit this Workers Compensation provides businesses like yours within Iowa is financial security, which covers a high percentage of lost wages and medical expenses due to a work injury or disease.

  • Income benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Burial benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits

Equipment and Tools Insurance –

Equipment and tool insurance covers the cost of these items if they are stolen or destroyed. 

Although some commercial general liability insurance policies may only give a limited level of coverage, it’s always a good idea to take stock and make sure you’re properly covered. 

If you provide painting services to residential homes and commercial properties, you most likely have some expensive equipment like paint sprayers, fountain rollers, and so on! For example, a good paint sprayer could cost up to $500-1,000!

Commercial Auto

If you run a painting company, you probably have many different types of vehicles, from cars and vans to trucks, that hold all the equipment and products you need to supply your team. 

If there are accidents while in transit, it is important to make sure that they are insured because this will help cover an assortment of incidents, including:

  • Liabilities resulting from damage to another person’s property, injury, or death
  • Damage from collision
  • Damage from non-collision (e.g., vandalism, theft, and other perils)
  • Personal or medical payments of the insured
  • Injury or property damage caused by hit-and-run motorists or the uninsured

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Painting Contractors Insurance Iowa: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What insurance do I need for contracting?

Answer: Professional indemnity insurance. Public liability insurance. Employers’ liability insurance.

Q: Is insurance required for painters?

Answer: As a painter, you might be obligated to buy certain types of insurance due to the terms of your contracts, but it is always essential to consider your current needs and then decide which ones are essential or not.

Q: Do I need indemnity insurance as a painter?

Answer: The Indemnity element provides additional cover against claims made by a client who has suffered a loss due to our advisor’s ‘professional negligence.’ This ensures that in case of a mishap, we will be able to safeguard you from any financial loss claim by the client and make sure the operations are not disrupted because of one single incident.